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IT Salary Survey December 2021

IT Salary Survey December 2021

An anonymous salary survey has been traditionally conducted annually since 2015 among European IT specialists with a stronger focus on Germany. This year we took a step further and narrowed down the survey to exclusively Germany. This decision is based on numerous economic factors (taxation, cost of living) throughout different European countries, which strongly affect local market salaries.

Disclaimer: the salary survey originated in 2015 in the Russian-speaking community and has been conducted every December for six years so far. The audience has expanded over time, but most respondents are still expatriates, so be aware of the various biases that may arise due to this fact.

The purpose of this survey is to learn a competitive value of a skillset for IT specialists depending on years of experience, position, language, etc. Below, you will find an in-depth comparative analysis of the aggregated anonymised responses from voluntary participants in Germany. You are welcome to explore the survey results' analytics in the articles from previous years.

This year 1208 respondents volunteered to participate in the survey. As always thanks to everyone participating, we hope you enjoy the reading.

The overall dynamics over 2015 – 2021

Although we restricted the location of the survey, the number of respondents didn't drop from the last year. In this analysis, "Salary" means gross annual salary in thousands of euros (shortened to k), including all taxes. After two years of stagnation, the median base salary (without bonuses and stocks) jumped to 75k. The line charts below show the evolution of the respondents' numbers and the overall base salary median from year to year.