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IT Salary Survey December 2020

An anonymous salary survey has been conducted annually since 2015 among European IT specialists with a stronger focus on Germany. This year 1238 respondents volunteered to participate in the survey . Certain parts of this analysis will refer to previous year's results. Thanks to everyone participating! The overall dynamics over 2015 – 2020 Compared to the last year, the number of respondents increased by a quarter. In this analysis, "Salary" means gross annual salary in thousands of euros (shortened to k), including all taxes. The base salary (i.e. excluding bonuses and stocks) median in 2020 remained almost the same as in 2019 - 70k. The line charts below from last year's analysis were extended with the data from 2020 and represent respondents' number along with their median annual base salary by years.   The purpose of this survey is to learn a competitive value of a skillset for IT specialists depending on: years of experience, position, languages, e

IT Salary Survey December 2019

The salary survey originated in 2015 in the Russian-speaking community and has been conducted every December for 5 years so far. You are welcome to explore the survey results' analytics in the articles from previous years . Here you can find some analytics based on collected survey responses from December 2019 as well as their comparison with the previous surveys' data. Thanks to everyone who filled out the salary survey form in 2019 . 1. Overall dynamics over 2015 - 2019 In December 2019, 986 respondents filled out the salary survey. The survey has been conducted since 2015. Line charts below show the 5-year dynamics of the rising number of respondents along with their median salaries by years. In 2019 the number of respondents who participated in the salary survey has grown by 35% compared to 2018 and amounted to 950. Starting from around 200 responses in 2015 the audience is increasing steadily by an average of 53% each year. Since 2015, the median salary has grown

IT Salary Survey December 2018

In December 2018, the salary survey has managed to collect over 700 responses. Before that, there were the similar salary surveys of 2016 (250 responses) and 2017 (300 responses). Traditionally, we start our analysis with how the average participant looks like. Age No major changes from the previous 2 years — the average age is 30-32. City As usual — Berlin and München are the most represented cities. Gender No change, almost equal to the last year. Skill Level Note: there's no way to check this data so the skill level is basically the question of self-identification. More A few more charts to shed some light on an average participant: Salaries And here come the salaries. However, this histogram is not very actionable. Too many criteria mixed & averaged. Instead, let's take a look at the more fine-grained selections with a sufficient number of responses: Seniors vs. Middles, Berlin vs. München, overall vs. developers-only. W

Зарплатный опрос Декабрь 2017

Подводим итога зарплатного опроса который проводился в декабре 2017 года и собрал 300 анкет. (Аналогичный опрос 2016 ) Портрет программиста Традиционно, начнем с портрета среднего программиста: Ему 32 (на 2 года старше чем средний программист прошлогоднего опроса, год за два получается :) Средний программист по прежнему живет как правило в Берлине или Мюнхене (что, впрочем, объясняется тем что опрос проводился в fb-группах этих городов) Что касается пола, то по сравнение с прошлым годом, процент девушек явно увеличился, с 11 до 14%. Что интересно, половина опрошенных не меняла работу с момента прибытия в Европу и почти половина — меняла работу один раз: По уровню, так же как и в прошлом году — средний разработчик считает себя синьором, изредка мидлом. А вот джуниоров привлечь в наш опрос нам почти не удалось :) Ну и еще несколько диаграмм, характеризующих аудиторию опроса: Место под солнцем А теперь самое интересное — итоги по ЗП. В этом